Over 8+ modules Jam packed with all the core essentials that you need and must know to succeed in Real Estate, While giving you the skills and tools necessary to Jumpstart your real estate career.


Module 1: Finding the Right Broker

Finding the right real estate broker can be crucial to your success. It’s important, therefore, that you take your time and interview with multiple brokers. Every broker you interview with will have his or her pros and cons; it’s up to you to decide what’s most important. Ultimately, their commission split, location, reputation, and training/support should all be vital factors while making your final decision. (And remember, if things don’t work out between you and your broker, finding a new one should be relatively easy to do.)

Module 2: Forms & Disclosures

All of the forms and disclosures that every agent needs to be familiar with — The Exclusive Right to Sell, Agency Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, Sellers Disclosure Statement, and more!

Module 3: Mastering the Market Analysis

Take a deep dive into the Market Analysis and discover how properly value property by using multiple factors and strategies that will give you the most accurate analysis possible.

Module 4: Working with Sellers

Working with sellers is a vital part in your real estate journey. Each seller has their own motivation to sell and it’s up to you to discover their true intent. In this module, you’ll learn about the different mindsets that sellers have and you’ll discover the right questions to ask in order to properly qualify them.

Module 5: Working with Buyers

This important module will help you quickly identify serious buyers who are preapproved and are ready to commit. Learn how to qualify buyers, get an Exclusive Buyer Agency agreement signed and discover crucial elements every agent needs inside of contracts.

Module 6: Staying Organized

Time management is a crucial art for every successful real estate to master. This module will cover some of the best resources that agents use to keep productive and efficient.

Module 7: How to Handle Offers

You can either handle offers on the sellers or buyers side. This module will help you handle listing agreements, purchase agreements, and any other documents that may affect the closing.

Module 8: How to Handle the Closing

This is what you’ve been waiting for – the closing! Every real estate agent needs to know the basics behind a successful closing. Otherwise, it’s possible that the closing could go poorly if any of the parties involved aren’t on the same page.